Infiniti Qx80 Years To Avoid

The Infiniti QX80 is a luxury SUV that has gained popularity over the years. However, like any vehicle, there are certain years of the Infiniti QX80 that you might want to avoid due to common problems. It’s important to be aware of these issues before making a purchase, as they can save you from potential headaches and costly repairs down the road. Here is a list of the most common problems associated with specific years of the Infiniti QX80:

  • 2011: Transmission Failure
  • 2012: Air Suspension Problems
  • 2013: Brake System Issues
  • 2014: Electrical Malfunctions
  • 2015: Power Steering Failures
  • 2016: Fuel Pump Defects
  • 2017: HVAC System Failures
  • 2018: Engine Overheating Problems
  • 2019: Infotainment System Glitches
  • 2020: Faulty Adaptive Cruise Control

By being aware of these problematic years and their associated issues, you can make an informed decision when considering an Infiniti QX80 purchase. It’s always advisable to thoroughly inspect any used vehicle and consider obtaining a vehicle history report to ensure you’re getting a reliable and trouble-free ride.

Troubled Years of the Infiniti QX80

2011: Transmission Failure

The 2011 Infiniti QX80 experienced a significant issue with transmission failures. Many owners reported sudden and unexpected transmission problems, such as slipping gears, difficulty shifting, and complete transmission failure. These issues can lead to safety concerns and costly repairs.

2012: Air Suspension Problems

In 2012, the Infiniti QX80 faced air suspension problems. Owners encountered issues with the vehicle’s air suspension system, resulting in uneven ride height, poor handling, and a bumpy ride. The failure of the air suspension components can be costly to repair and can significantly affect the overall driving experience.

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2013: Brake System Issues

The 2013 Infiniti QX80 had its share of brake system problems. Owners reported malfunctions with the braking system, including reduced braking power, squeaking or grinding noises, and even complete brake failure. These issues pose a serious safety risk and should be addressed promptly by a professional mechanic.

2014: Electrical Malfunctions

Electrical malfunctions plagued the 2014 Infiniti QX80. Numerous owners experienced issues with the vehicle’s electrical system, such as faulty wiring, malfunctioning sensors, and recurring dashboard warning lights. These electrical problems can lead to various other complications and often require extensive troubleshooting to resolve.

2015: Power Steering Failures

The 2015 Infiniti QX80 faced power steering failures. Owners reported difficulties in steering the vehicle due to sudden loss of power assistance, resulting in heavy steering and decreased maneuverability. Power steering failures can make driving unsafe and necessitate immediate attention from a qualified technician.

2016: Fuel Pump Defects

The 2016 Infiniti QX80 encountered fuel pump defects that affected its performance. Some owners reported issues with the fuel pump failing, causing engine stalling, rough idling, and difficulty starting the vehicle. A malfunctioning fuel pump can disrupt the fuel flow, leading to poor engine performance or even an inability to operate the vehicle.

2017: HVAC System Failures

The 2017 Infiniti QX80 experienced HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system failures. Owners reported problems such as inadequate heating or cooling, weak airflow, malfunctioning controls, and unusual noises coming from the HVAC system. These issues can make driving uncomfortable, particularly in extreme weather conditions.

2018: Engine Overheating Problems

In 2018, the Infiniti QX80 had issues with engine overheating. Some owners reported frequent instances of the engine overheating, which can lead to serious engine damage if not addressed promptly. Engine overheating is often caused by coolant leaks, faulty thermostats, or problems with the cooling system.

2019: Infotainment System Glitches

The 2019 Infiniti QX80 faced glitches with its infotainment system. Owners reported issues such as freezing screens, unresponsive controls, connectivity problems, and intermittent system failures. While not directly affecting the performance or safety of the vehicle, these infotainment system glitches can be a frustrating inconvenience for drivers and passengers.

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2020: Faulty Adaptive Cruise Control

Infiniti Qx80 Years To Avoid
The 2020 Infiniti QX80 had problems with its adaptive cruise control feature. Some owners experienced malfunctions with the system, including sudden braking or accelerating, failure to maintain a set speed, or false warnings. Proper functioning of the adaptive cruise control is crucial for safe highway driving, and any defects can compromise the vehicle’s overall safety.

Being aware of these troubled years and the associated problems can help potential buyers make informed decisions when considering purchasing an Infiniti QX80. It is recommended to thoroughly inspect any used vehicle and consult with a trusted mechanic before finalizing a purchase.

Important Points to Know

  • The Infiniti QX80 is a luxury SUV with certain years that are associated with common problems, which potential buyers should be aware of.
  • It is crucial to research and consider the troubled years mentioned in this article before making a purchase decision.
  • Conducting a thorough inspection and obtaining a vehicle history report can provide valuable insights into the maintenance and repair history of the specific Infiniti QX80 under consideration.
  • Addressing these known issues promptly can help prevent future headaches and costly repairs.

Final Words

When considering purchasing an Infiniti QX80, being aware of the troubled years and associated problems is essential. While the model overall has gained popularity and offers luxurious features, certain years have exhibited recurring issues that potential buyers should take into account. By conducting proper due diligence, including inspections, research, and consideration of vehicle history reports, you can make an informed decision and mitigate the risks of encountering these common problems. Remember, being proactive about addressing any known issues will contribute to a smoother ownership experience.

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