Kubota Mx5400 Warning Lights

When operating a Kubota tractor, it is important to be familiar with all of the warning light symbols as they can provide valuable information about the overall performance of your machine. If you are unable to identify a warning light symbol, it may not be possible for you to properly respond when that particular warning symbol appears on your dashboard.

Fortunately, most Kubota tractors share consistent symbols regarding their warnings; therefore, one could consult a Kubota owner’s manual in order to become more acquainted with these symbols and responses required. The manuals are available online for free so there should not be any difficulty obtaining this vital safety information.

KUBOTA Mx5400 Dashboard Warning Lights and Meanings

Here’s the dash of a large cab model tractor with all the available lights and symbols, and what all the symbols mean

KUBOTA Mx5400 Dashboard Warning Lights and Meanings
KUBOTA Mx5400 Dashboard Warning Lights and Meanings
  1. Liquid Crystal Display.
      1. F or R – forward or reverse.
      2. Auto mode: When an Automatic speed change is enabled, the Travel or Field mode will be illuminated.
      3. The Up-shift/Downshift button allows the user to select 1 through 8 as a power shift ratio, and an “E” will appear if there is a gear shift error.
      4. L, M, H, C, or N: The Power Shift/Range lever is used to select the range gear shift position, and “C” appears when the creep speed option has been selected.
      5. The Rev-limiter control is set, and a flash will be displayed on the display when the engine speed reaches or falls below the pre-set speed.
      6. The RPM dual memory has been configured.
      7. This display provides various settings for selection:
        Elapsed time (hour meter)
        Maximum engine speed set by the Trip time Rev- limiter control
        Engine speed set in memory
        Failure information or other information
      8. When “Trip Time Mode” is selected, the lights will illuminate.
      9. h, A, B, or L: The hour meter or trip time of “h”, the RPM dual memory of “A” or “B”, and the lit Rev-limiter control of “L” are all set.
      10. The lift arm height is indicated by a range of numbers from 0 to 99.
    KUBOTA Mx5400 Dashboard Warning Lights and Meanings 1
    KUBOTA Mx5400 Dashboard Warning Lights and Meanings
    1. Turn signal or hazard lights are on.
    2. High-beam
    3. The Master System Warning Indicator: This indicator helps alert operators when the system has experienced an issue, such as low oil pressure or high temperatures, which can cause significant damage if not addressed.
    4. Trailer indicator
    5. Fuel level indicator
    6. Electrical charge warning indicator
    7. Engine warning indicator
    8. Tachometer
    9. Fuel gauge
    10. Coolant temperature gauge
    11. 4WD indicator if this is lit, 4WD is engaged.
    12. Bi-speed turn indicator: The 4WD indicator and Bi-speed turn indicator are both illuminated when the system is in Bi-speed turn mode. This mode allows for a smoother and more efficient turning experience, as it can adjust the amount of torque needed to complete the maneuver. It also helps improve traction, stability, and control on slippery roads or during tight maneuvers.
    13. Rear wheel differential lock indicator :When the differential lock pedal is pressed, a light illuminates to indicate that it has been activated. Once the pedal is released, this light will turn off again signifying that the differential lock feature has been disengaged.
    14. Regeneration indicator: When the auto regeneration switch is pressed, a light will come on. Once the regeneration indicator starts to flash, it indicates that a certain amount of particulate matter (PM) has accumulated inside the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The process of regeneration is entirely automated and requires no further intervention from the user; just keep working as normal until it’s finished.
    15. Parked regeneration indicator: When the regeneration indicator is flashing, this indicates that the parked regeneration can be initiated. This means that the vehicle must remain stationary and should not be driven while the process is taking place as it may cause unnecessary damage to both the engine and exhaust system. It is important for drivers to understand how to start a parked regeneration in order to ensure their safety on roads.
    16. Engine RPM increase indicator: If the engine RPM increase indicator begins to flash, it is important to increase the engine RPM until the indicator turns off. Doing so will help ensure that all requirements for regeneration are met. Failure to do this could cause damage or inefficiency within the vehicle’s system. It is essential that this be done as soon as possible in order to prevent any further issues from occurring.
    17. Constant RPM management indicator: If the regeneration process fails to complete, both the regeneration indicator light and parked regeneration indicator will start flashing. In this case, operation of the tractor must be stopped immediately as an engine warning indicator stays constantly “ON”. It is essential that a service technician is contacted in order for repair before use can resume.
    18. 3-P. Lifting / Lowering indicator: The light comes on when the 3-point hanger is activated.
    19. Draft indicator: The Draft Indicator activates when the Draft Control is selected and deactivates when Position Control is chosen.
    20. PTO clutch indicator: The PTO clutch indicator illuminates when the PTO clutch control switch is in the ‘on’ position.
    21. Engine oil pressure warning indicator: If the oil pressure of an engine falls beneath its normal operating level, a warning indicator will be lit up. If this occurs during usage and does not disappear when the machine is revved to 1000 rpm or higher, it is necessary to inspect the engine’s oil level. Depending on what is found, either more oil must be added or an entire change of oil should be done.
    22. Air cleaner indicator: If the air cleaner is not regularly maintained, its indicator will alert users of clogging. It is recommended that the air cleaner element should be cleaned every 100 hours of operation in order to maintain optimal performance. Failure to keep up with regular maintenance can lead to a decrease in efficiency and increased risk of damage.
    23. Parking brake warning indicator: The driver should be aware that the parking brake warning indicator is illuminated, indicating that the parking brake is currently engaged.
    24. Heater indicator
    25. Front suspension indicator: When the front suspension switch is in either the “ON” or “AUTO LOCK” position, the corresponding suspension indicator light will be illuminated.
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Knowing what the Kubota MX5400 warning lights mean can help you take care of your machine more efficiently. These warning lights are important indicators that something isn’t functioning properly and should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid further damage. If any of these warning lights appear while you’re operating the machine, make sure to refer to this article or contact a technician for assistance in resolving the issue quickly and safely.

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  1. I have had a similar experience with my own Kubota machine. The engine warning indicator was lit up and I was unsure what it meant. After consulting the manual, I realized it was low oil pressure and I was able to add more oil to get the machine running again. It’s important to take the time to learn the warning symbols and what they mean, as it could save you a lot of time and money in the future.

    Does anyone else have experience with Kubota warning lights? What have you done to resolve the issue?


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