Mitsubishi Outlander Years To Avoid

The Mitsubishi Outlander has had some years that are best to avoid due to various problems. One such year is the 2007 Outlander, which had issues with its transmission and electrical system. Another problematic year is the 2011 Outlander, known for its faulty fuel pump and engine stalling. The 2014 Outlander suffered from a defective continuously variable transmission (CVT) that caused jerking and slipping. In 2016, the Outlander had problems with its touchscreen display freezing and malfunctioning. Lastly, the 2018 Outlander had reported issues with its power steering system failing. These are some of the common problems associated with specific years of the Mitsubishi Outlander.

2007 Outlander: Transmission and Electrical Problems

The 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander faced significant issues with its transmission and electrical system. Owners reported problems such as rough shifting, slipping gears, and complete transmission failure. Additionally, electrical faults were a common complaint, including issues with the power windows, door locks, and dashboard lights.

2011 Outlander: Fuel Pump and Engine Stalling

In 2011, the Mitsubishi Outlander experienced troubles related to the fuel pump and engine stalling. Many drivers encountered difficulties with starting their vehicles, often caused by a defective fuel pump. Engine stalling while driving was another prominent issue reported, leading to safety concerns for owners.

2014 Outlander: Faulty Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

The 2014 Outlander suffered from a faulty continuously variable transmission (CVT), resulting in performance problems. Drivers complained about jerking and slipping sensations during acceleration or gear changes. The defective CVT affected the overall driving experience and required extensive repairs or even transmission replacement.

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2016 Outlander: Touchscreen Display Malfunction

In 2016, the Mitsubishi Outlander encountered problems with its touchscreen display. Users reported instances of freezing, unresponsiveness, or complete malfunctioning of the display unit. This issue affected various functions, including the audio system, navigation, and climate control, causing inconvenience and frustration for owners.

2018 Outlander: Power Steering System Failure

The 2018 Outlander had reported issues with its power steering system. Some drivers experienced sudden loss of power steering assistance while driving, making it difficult to maneuver the vehicle safely. This problem posed potential hazards on the road, requiring immediate attention and repairs to restore proper steering functionality.

These troubled years of the Mitsubishi Outlander highlight specific problems that owners have encountered during those periods. It is important to be aware of these issues when considering the purchase or maintenance of a used Outlander from these years.

Important Points to Know

  • The Mitsubishi Outlander has experienced trouble in certain years, which potential buyers and current owners should be aware of.
  • The 2007 Outlander had problems with the transmission and electrical system, while the 2011 model faced fuel pump and engine stalling issues.
  • In 2014, the Outlander suffered from a faulty continuously variable transmission (CVT), resulting in jerking and slipping during driving.
  • The 2016 Outlander had touchscreen display malfunctioning, affecting various functions like audio and navigation.
  • The 2018 Outlander had reported instances of power steering system failure, posing safety concerns.

Final Words

Mitsubishi Outlander Years To Avoid
When considering a Mitsubishi Outlander, it’s crucial to be aware of the troubled years and associated problems. While these issues may not be representative of all vehicles from those years, they highlight recurring problems that have been reported by owners. It is recommended to thoroughly research and inspect any used Outlander from these specific years before making a purchase. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs for known issues can help mitigate potential troubles and ensure a good ownership experience.
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