Ram Ecodiesel Years To Avoid

The Ram Ecodiesel has had some years to avoid due to certain issues. One problematic year is 2014, known for its exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler failures. Another troubled year is 2016, plagued by oil cooler leaks and turbocharger failures. In 2017, there were reports of an excessive vibration issue caused by a faulty crankshaft damper. The year 2018 saw complaints about the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, resulting in potential emission problems. Lastly, in 2019, owners experienced transmission troubles, including shifting issues and failure to engage gears properly. These are the most common problems associated with specific years of the Ram Ecodiesel.## 2014: EGR Cooler Failures

The year 2014 was marked by issues with the Ram Ecodiesel’s exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler. This component is responsible for reducing emissions by recirculating a portion of the engine’s exhaust gases back into the intake manifold. However, in this particular year, many owners experienced failures with the EGR cooler. These failures often resulted in coolant leakage, which could lead to engine overheating and potential damage if not addressed promptly. It was a common problem that affected the performance and reliability of the vehicle.

2016: Oil Cooler Leaks and Turbocharger Failures

In 2016, Ram Ecodiesel owners faced problems related to oil cooler leaks and turbocharger failures. The oil cooler is responsible for cooling the engine oil, ensuring its proper functioning. However, some units encountered leaks, leading to potential loss of oil and subsequent engine damage. Additionally, there were reports of turbocharger failures, which compromised the vehicle’s power and efficiency. These issues required repair or replacement, causing inconvenience and additional expenses for the owners.

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2017: Excessive Vibration from Faulty Crankshaft Damper

The year 2017 brought about an excessive vibration issue in the Ram Ecodiesel caused by a faulty crankshaft damper. The crankshaft damper, also known as a harmonic balancer, is responsible for minimizing vibrations generated by the engine. However, in certain units produced in this year, the damper failed to perform its function adequately, resulting in noticeable and bothersome vibrations. The excess vibration could affect the comfort of the ride and potentially cause damage to other engine components if left unaddressed.

2018: SCR System Concerns and Potential Emission Problems

Owners of the 2018 Ram Ecodiesel reported concerns with the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, which had the potential to cause emission problems. The SCR system is designed to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by injecting a urea-based solution into the exhaust stream. However, there were instances where the system malfunctioned or experienced issues with its components, leading to increased emissions and potential non-compliance with environmental regulations. This problem required attention and possible repairs to ensure the vehicle’s compliance with emission standards.

2019: Transmission Troubles and Shifting Issues

In 2019, the Ram Ecodiesel experienced transmission troubles, including shifting issues and failures to engage gears properly. Some owners reported difficulties in shifting between gears, such as delayed engagement or abrupt shifts. These issues could affect the vehicle’s drivability and overall performance. Proper gear engagement is crucial for smooth acceleration and optimal power delivery. The transmission problems faced in this year required inspection, diagnosis, and, in some cases, repair or replacement of transmission components to restore proper functionality.

Important Points to Know

  • The Ram Ecodiesel has had troubled years that should be avoided due to various issues.
  • In 2014, there were problems with the EGR cooler, resulting in coolant leakage and potential engine damage.
  • The year 2016 saw issues with oil cooler leaks and turbocharger failures, affecting engine performance and reliability.
  • In 2017, excessive vibration caused by a faulty crankshaft damper was a common problem experienced by owners.
  • The 2018 model had concerns with the SCR system, potentially leading to emission problems.
  • Transmission troubles, including shifting issues, were reported by owners of the 2019 Ram Ecodiesel.
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Final Words

When considering a Ram Ecodiesel, it is important to be aware of the troubled years and associated problems. While these issues do not necessarily affect every vehicle produced in those years, they highlight potential areas of concern. If you are looking to purchase a used Ram Ecodiesel, it is advisable to thoroughly inspect the vehicle, consider its production year, and ideally, seek professional guidance before making a decision. Proper maintenance and regular servicing can also help mitigate potential problems and ensure a more satisfactory ownership experience.

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