Saturn Sky Years To Avoid

The Saturn Sky is a sleek and stylish roadster that captured the hearts of many car enthusiasts. However, there are certain years of the Saturn Sky that you might want to avoid due to some recurring issues. These problematic years include the 2007 model with its faulty ignition switch that can lead to sudden engine shutdowns, the 2008 model plagued by transmission failures, and the 2009 model known for its power steering system problems. Each of these years comes with its own set of troubles, making them less desirable options for prospective buyers. Let’s take a closer look at the most common problems associated with each of these years.

  • 2007: Ignition Switch Failure
  • 2008: Transmission Failure
  • 2009: Power Steering System Issues

2007: Ignition Switch Failure

The 2007 Saturn Sky suffered from a notorious problem with its ignition switch. This defect could cause the engine to shut down unexpectedly while driving, posing a significant safety risk. The faulty ignition switches in these models had a tendency to move out of the “run” position, cutting power to vital systems such as airbags, power steering, and brakes. As a result, the driver’s control over the vehicle would be compromised, increasing the likelihood of accidents or loss of control.

2008: Transmission Failure

In the 2008 Saturn Sky, owners encountered frequent troubles with the transmission system. Reports indicated that these models experienced premature failures and malfunctions related to the transmission. These issues caused erratic shifting, slippage, and even complete transmission failure. The resulting loss of power or inability to shift gears properly significantly affected the overall driving experience and required costly repairs or replacements.

2009: Power Steering System Issues

The 2009 Saturn Sky faced a common problem with its power steering system. Owners often reported difficulties in steering the vehicle due to power steering failures. This issue could manifest as stiff or jerky steering, making it challenging to maneuver the car smoothly. Loss of power assistance in the steering system not only diminished driver comfort but also posed potential safety hazards, especially in critical situations where quick and precise steering inputs are necessary.

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Please note that these issues might not be exhaustive, and it is always recommended to conduct thorough research and inspections before purchasing a used vehicle, especially for the mentioned troubled years of the Saturn Sky.

Saturn Sky Years To Avoid:

– The 2007 Saturn Sky is known for ignition switch failures.
– The 2008 Saturn Sky has a high incidence of transmission failures.
– The 2009 Saturn Sky may encounter power steering system issues.

It is crucial to be aware of these problematic years and the associated common problems before considering purchasing a Saturn Sky. Conducting proper research, thorough inspections, and seeking professional advice can help you make an informed decision and avoid potential headaches down the road.

Final Words

In conclusion, while the Saturn Sky is an appealing roadster, certain model years have experienced recurring issues that should not be overlooked. The 2007 model suffered from ignition switch failures, the 2008 model encountered transmission problems, and the 2009 model faced power steering system issues. These troubles can lead to safety risks, unexpected breakdowns, and costly repairs. It is essential to carefully evaluate the condition and history of any used Saturn Sky, especially those within the troubled years mentioned, to ensure a satisfying ownership experience.

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