6 Best Car Detailing Shops in Charlotte

Getting your car washed is often seen as a form of self-care. It can help restore a sense of confidence while also maintaining the interior and exterior condition of the vehicle. To get the best results, experts recommend taking a more professional approach with car detailing services. Home washing cannot compare to an experienced car detailer’s ability to reach deep into corners and crevices with premium products to really bring out the shine in your automobile.

In Charlotte, there are many places that offer quality car detailing services for reasonable prices; however, it can be difficult finding one that meets all expectations. With this in mind, our team conducted research on behalf of drivers in search of six top-rated auto details shops for their cars guaranteed to bring them satisfaction when they pull away from the lot.

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1. All Shine No Grime

All Shine No Grime
All Shine No Grime

All Shine No Grime is a professional automotive car detailer founded in 2007. Founded out of the founder’s love for cars and attention to detail, the business has since grown to employ a team of trained experts with 13 years worth of experience working on cars. Only using the best reconditioning products and services, All Shine No Grime provides exterior and interior detailing services for boats, bikes, semi fleets, aircrafts, and cars. Services include engine washes, headlight restoration paint touch-ups fabric protection spray waxing window cleaning wheel tire shining and much more! Be sure to take a look at their Instagram page for examples of their work.

What Do All Shine No Grime Customers Say?

Customers of All Shine No Grime are always pleased with the quality of work they provide. They specialize in interior and exterior detailing that is done to perfection, regardless of how difficult the job might be. Their team is also known for being friendly and hospitable to anyone looking for their services. With such high-quality results and excellent customer service, it’s no surprise that so many customers keep coming back to All Shine No Grime.

2. BWrights Mobile Detailing

BWrights Mobile Detailing
BWrights Mobile Detailing

BWRights Mobile Detailing is a reliable provider of mobile detailing and paint protection services for cars, travel trailers, and RVs. Its team of certified and experienced professionals strive to set the highest standards when it comes to expert-level auto detailing. Their convenient mobile service can cater to jobs that take up to 6 hours at your home.

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In addition, BWRights Mobile Detailing offers headlight restoration, odor removal, and ceramic coating services that help prolong the life of vehicles while giving an excellent finish on their paintwork. The company also takes time out to get acquainted with their customers through Instagram where they showcase some of their work from time to time.

What Do BWrights Mobile Detailing Customers Say?

Customers report that BWrights Mobile Detailing is the go-to service for making cars look like new again. Their expertise with vehicles of any age, but especially those of 6 years or older, ensures that customers are 100% satisfied with their results. With special attention paid to even the smallest details, clients can be sure they’ll get great value from BWrights Mobile Detailing services.

3. Clean Ride Express

Clean Ride
Clean Ride Express

Clean Ride Express is the go-to detailing shop for anyone looking for top of the line car cleaning and detailing services. The shop offers a range of packages tailored to fit different vehicle sizes and budgets, and with each purchase made, $2 is donated to an elementry school chosen by the customer as part of their “Clean Ride For Kids” fundraiser. Some of the services offered include interior vacuuming, leather/vinyl cleaning, carpet shampooing, chrome polishing, waxing and degreasing – all done with quality results that can be seen on Clean Ride’s Instagram page.

What Do Clean Ride Express Customers Say?

Customers of Clean Ride Express report that their services are reasonably priced, and they offer friendly customer service when called or visited in person. Furthermore, customers appreciate the efficiency and quality of work provided by the shop’s mechanics.

4. Detailing by Tim

Detailing by Tim
Detailing by Tim

Detailing by Tim is one of the oldest full-service automotive detailing businesses in Charlotte. With more than 25 years of experience, they offer an extensive list of services tailored to their customers’ needs. Their specialists are highly trained and use only the highest-rated products to give vehicles the finest level of detailing; from headlight restoration and odor removal to interior repair and paint protection. Detailing by Tim also uses Ceramic Pro America for paint jobs, sells Zaino cleaning supplies, and even has a mobile detailing unit available for those who prefer convenience. A combination of experienced professionals, top-quality products, and an impressive range of services have made Detailing by Tim a trusted name in Charlotte for many years.

What Do Detailing by Tim Customers Say?

Customers have praised the work of Detailing by Tim for their expertise and attention to detail. Reviews claim that this team knows how to bring back a car’s lost shine and improve its look. Their professionalism and attention to detail are among the factors credited with their success as a detailing business.

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5. Diamond Detailing

Diamond Detailing
Diamond Detailing

Diamond Detailing has been a leader in the automotive detailing industry for over 10 years. They have invested significant time and resources into training their team to ensure that they can offer customers the highest quality services possible. From engine cleaning and paint protection, to scratch removal and full detailing, Diamond Detailing has everything you need to keep your car looking its best throughout its lifetime. Additionally, they offer ceramic coating which will keep your vehicle’s gloss fresh for years on end.

If you are interested in Diamond Detailing’s services or want more information about what they do, check out their Instagram page where you can find all of the latest updates from this business as well as view images of some of their work. With Diamond Detailing, your vehicle is sure to look like new again!

What Do Diamond Detailing Customers Say?

Customers of Diamond Detailing have been vocal in their praises for the company, citing its honesty and transparency as reasons why they keep coming back. Their pricing is clear-cut and there are no hidden costs or charges. The team behind Diamond Detailing also do an excellent job with detailing work; most customers report that their cars looked almost unrecognizable after being worked on by the professionals at Diamond Detailing.

6. Exclusive Detail and Tint

Exclusive Detail and Tint
Exclusive Detail and Tint

Exclusive Detail and Tint is an auto detailing company that provides a range of services to Charlotte residents. They specialize in deluxe detailing, paint correction, washing, overspray removal, tint removal and installation. Their team of professionals understand the many external factors that can diminish car’s exterior quality over time and strive to restore it using the best tools available.

One of their most outstanding offerings is Opti-Coat Pro – a ceramic clear coating designed for long-lasting protection from scratches as well as delivering a glossy finish. This option has proven to be 12 times stronger than regular waxes and can easily be seen on Exclusive Detail and Tint’s Instagram page.

What Do Exclusive Detail and Tint Customers Say?

Customers of Exclusive Detail and Tint report that the shop is so reliable, they don’t need to go anywhere else for car services. Every customer feels confident knowing their car is in the hands of a trustworthy team that provides quality workmanship every time.

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  1. I’ve been looking for car detailing services that can help restore the shine of my car. After reading through this article, I’ve decided to try out All Shine No Grime. I’ve seen some of their work on their Instagram page and it looks really impressive. I’m hoping that their team of experienced experts can help me achieve the same results. I’m also interested in trying out the paint protection service offered by BWrights Mobile Detailing. Has anyone else here tried their services before?


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