Craftsman 5600 W Generator

The Craftsman 5600 W Generator has been a topic of discussion among homeowners, and in this article, we delve deep into its specifications, performance, and real-life user experiences. The generator has proven its mettle in providing ample power during storms and has earned the trust of its users with its robust performance.

Feature Craftsman 5600W Generator
Maximum output 5600 watts
Voltage 120/240V
Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) Yes
Built-in fuel gauge Yes
Recoil starter Yes
Wheel kit and carrying handle Yes

Power Output and Performance

As the name suggests, the Craftsman 5600 W Generator provides a hefty 5600 watts of power. A 10HP Briggs & Stratton engine powers it, and comes on wheels for easy portability. Users have praised its performance during power outages, especially during storms, when its reliability becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.

Running Household Appliances

A common query among prospective buyers is about the appliances this generator can handle. From well pumps and refrigerators to microwaves, the Craftsman 5600 W Generator has been reported to take all these appliances without hiccups. Some homeowners have used it to run their fridge, well pump, furnace, and microwave all at once without any issues.

Setting Up and Safety Considerations

While setting up the Craftsman 5600 W Generator, one should be mindful of safety protocols. For instance, one user advised wiring it to the circuit box with a “main” circuit to switch from street power to generator. This is crucial as it prevents the ability from feeding back into the utility lines, which can be hazardous. One should also be careful not to overload the generator when it’s running and to unplug motors and compressors while starting the generator. A good surge protector is recommended if one plans to run a computer.

User Opinions and Experiences

The Craftsman 5600 W Generator users have generally expressed satisfaction with their purchase. They praise the generator for its easy starting and robust performance. Some users, however, have noted that the generator is not particularly quiet. But as one user put it, they are more interested in its functionality during power outages, which the Craftsman 5600 W Generator delivers reliably.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Craftsman 5600W Generator:


  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Relatively quiet
  • Long runtime
  • Affordable


  • It can be heavy and bulky
  • Not as portable as some other generators
  • No warranty

3 Key Takeaways

  1. The Craftsman 5600 W Generator provides significant power output and can handle multiple appliances simultaneously.
  2. Safety considerations and careful setup are crucial for the safe and effective use of the generator.
  3. User experiences with the Craftsman 5600 W Generator have been positive, praising its performance and reliability during power outages.


In conclusion, the Craftsman 5600 W Generator is a reliable power source for your home during power outages. Its robust performance, ability to power multiple appliances, and easy setup make it a worthy investment.

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