John Deere 5085e Warning Lights

John Deere equipment can often come with various gauges and indicator lights that are not always easily understood. It is essential to comprehend the meaning of these tools to achieve optimal performance from the machinery. To help, John Deere has provided guides for each gauge and indicator light which should be consulted when encountering unfamiliar readings on your equipment.

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30 Most Common John Deere 5085e Warning Lights

For John Deere 5085e Warning lights, You can find out which symbol means what by the numbers in the image below.

30 Most Common John Deere 5085e Warning Lights
30 Most Common John Deere 5085e Warning Lights
1 Fuel Level Gauge The Fuel Level Gauge is an essential tool for car owners. It allows drivers to monitor the fuel remaining in their tank, ensuring they don’t run out of gas while driving. This gauge can be found on most modern cars and is easily installed by a professional mechanic if not already included. With this device, drivers can ensure that they have enough fuel and prevent being stranded on the side of the road due to running out of gas.
2 Left Turn Indicator The left turn indicator flashes when the turn signal switch is activated on its left-hand side. This feature allows drivers to more safely and efficiently indicate their intention to make a left-hand turn, helping others on the road better anticipate turns in advance and allowing for smoother navigation overall. This indicator light helps promote safer driving habits for all on the roads signal switch is switched to the left-hand side.
3 Tachometer A Tachometer is a tool used to indicate engine speed in terms of revolutions per minute (RPM). This device can be invaluable to mechanics and engineers, as it accurately measures the engine’s performance and allows for necessary adjustments. The tachometer can also help detect problems before they become serious, which is essential for safety and economic reasons.
4 Right Turn Indicator A right-turn indicator will flash when the turn signal switch is moved to the right-hand side. This feature helps drivers indicate their intent to other motorists on the road and facilitates safe driving. Drivers should use this feature when making turns to help reduce accidents. The flashing indicator also provides visual cues for pedestrians and cyclists, helping them stay aware of vehicles nearby.
5 Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge The Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge Indicates the engine coolant temperature, and if the needle is in the red area, it’s overheating. A low coolant level could cause this, a dirty radiator, or a clogged screen. In this case, shutting off the engine immediately is essential to prevent any damage. If necessary, seeking help from an authorized John Deere dealer can diagnose the vehicle and provide further insight on resolving these issues.
6 Service Alert Indicator Service Alert Indicator illuminates when a malfunction occurs, providing an extra layer of protection by identifying any issue with the vehicle. The error message should be reviewed in the Information Display to get more accurate information about the fault and take necessary action. If the issue persists, it is suggested to have a John Deere dealer diagnose the vehicle for further evaluation and resolution.
7 Hydraulic Oil Temperature John Deere has an innovative system that will let you know if the hydraulic oil on your vehicle is overheating. If the temperature of the hydraulic oil rises above its optimal range, a warning message will be displayed in the Information Display. In this instance, it is essential to have a John Deere dealer diagnose the vehicle as soon as possible to avoid any potential damage or safety issues caused by prolonged high temperatures.
8 Electrohydraulic Hitch Indicator When a hitch malfunction occurs, the Electrohydraulic Hitch Indicator will illuminate accordingly. To further diagnose the issue, it is recommended to refer to the error message in Information Display and have a John Deere dealer diagnose the vehicle if necessary.
9 Neutral Indicator This vehicle has a Neutral Indicator, which illuminates when the transmission reverser (if applicable) is neutral. If this indicator flashes, the operator has improperly shifted into reverse. The reverser lever should be cycled back to neutral to rectify this issue. Additionally, if the flashing Neutral Indicator and Transmission Information indicator are illuminated simultaneously, this could indicate a malfunction. In such cases, it is advisable to seek assistance from an authorized John Deere dealer to diagnose the vehicle.
10 High Exhaust Temperature Indicator When the exhaust temperature rises, the High Exhaust Temperature Indicator Illuminates to signal that an active filter cleaning can occur. This indicator is a helpful tool in maintaining optimal engine performance and preventing potential damage from clogged filters.
11 Exhaust Filter Indicator The Exhaust Filter Indicator is a useful tool for monitoring soot accumulation within an exhaust filter. When the soot level rises to a predetermined threshold, the indicator illuminates as an alert that cleaning or replacing the filter may be necessary to maintain optimal efficiency and performance. The Exhaust Filter Indicator is designed to provide prompt notification when maintenance or service is required, helping users avoid costly delays and repairs due to neglected filter maintenance.
12 Exhaust Filter Disabled Indicator The Exhaust Filter Disabled Indicator is a crucial part of any vehicle. When the exhaust filter cleaning switch has been disabled, this indicator will illuminate to alert the driver that maintenance is required. It helps reduce emissions and ensures that vehicles are operating in their optimal condition. This provides improved fuel economy, better performance, and lower driver emissions. The Exhaust Filter Disabled Indicator also serves as an important reminder for drivers to have their filters serviced regularly.
13 Engine Air Cleaner Restriction Indicator When the Engine Air Cleaner Restriction Indicator is illuminated, it indicates that the air cleaner element may be clogged and needs to be cleaned or replaced. If necessary, John Deere dealers should diagnose the vehicle to identify any other underlying issues causing this indicator to light up. It’s essential to address this issue promptly for the vehicle engine to remain operating at its optimal performance level.
14 Engine Information Indicator John Deere has included an Engine Information Indicator on its vehicles to alert drivers when a malfunction occurs. Drivers should check the oil level and review any error message in their vehicle’s Information Display. If they cannot identify and fix the issue, it is recommended that they enlist the help of a John Deere dealer for diagnosis and repair.
15 Transmission Information Indicator John Deere’s transmission is designed with a Transmission Information Indicator that serves as an alert when something is malfunctioning. If this indicator illuminates, the driver should note any error messages in their Information Display and contact a John Deere dealer for diagnosis. This will help them better understand what issue has occurred and how to address it adequately.
16 Information Display The Information Display provides users detailed information regarding their vehicle, such as a speedometer, hour meter, transmission speed selection (Hi, Lo, or R if equipped), PTO Speed, and diagnostic trouble codes. It also features onboard diagnostics for improved accuracy in detecting any potential issues. This comprehensive display is designed to make it easier for users to monitor and analyze their vehicle’s performance quickly and effectively.
17 Trailer 2 Indicator The Trailer 2 Indicator provides a visual warning when activated by the trailer turn signal or hazard warning lights. It flashes brightly to alert other drivers of the trailer’s presence, and its broad coverage ensures that it can be seen from all directions. This product is an essential safety feature for anyone who tows trailers, as it helps ensure they remain visible and safe on the road.
18 Charging System Indicator When an alternator malfunction occurs, the Charging System Indicator will illuminate. A John Deere dealer should be contacted to diagnose the vehicle and determine the best course of action if necessary. John Deere dealers are trained professionals with expertise in diagnosing and repairing vehicles quickly and effectively, making them a reliable source for any maintenance needs related to this issue.
19 MFWD Engaged Indicator The MFWD Engaged Indicator is a useful feature for operators of equipment with mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD). The indicator illuminates when the MFWD is engaged, allowing the operator to quickly and easily determine if their machine is in the proper operating mode. This helps reduce downtime due to incorrect operation and ensures maximum productivity.
20 PTO Engaged Indicator This PTO Engaged Indicator is designed to give operators a visual indicator of rear PTO engagement. The indicator illuminates when the rear PTO is engaged, allowing for quick and easy identification and confirmation. This feature helps to ensure proper operation, safety, and efficiency while operating in areas where visibility may be limited or difficult.
21 High Beam Indicator The High Beam Indicator is a useful feature that helps drivers be aware of when their headlights are switched to the high beam setting. It illuminates whenever this switch has been made, providing an easy-to-spot signal for the driver. This indicator can help ensure safer nighttime driving and reduce potential accidents caused by improper use of the high beam headlights.
22 Differential Lock Indicator When engaged, the differential lock indicator is illuminated to indicate that the differential lock has been activated. This feature enhances traction control and improves vehicle handling in off-road conditions or surfaces with low grip. By engaging the differential lock, drivers can ensure that their vehicle will be able to handle rugged terrain or slippery slopes with ease.
23 Park Brake Indicator The Park Brake Indicator is a helpful feature that illuminates when the park brake has been engaged. This indicator is an important safety measure, ensuring drivers are aware of their brakes being activated and can take appropriate steps to ensure their vehicle remains stationary. Not only does this warning light provide peace of mind for drivers, but it also increases overall driving safety by alerting users to potential hazards in the case of accidental operation.
24 Vehicle Indicator The Vehicle Indicator will flash when a vehicle’s turn-signal or hazard warning lights are switched on. This critical safety feature can help alert other drivers of a potential direction change and provide visibility in low-light conditions. It is designed to be both durable and reliable, so it can serve as a long-term visual indicator for any driver taking extra precautions while driving.
25 Trailer 1 Indicator The Trailer 1 Indicator is an efficient tool for any driver. It provides a visual signal when the trailer’s turn-signal and hazard warning lights are switched on, helping to keep other drivers aware of the vehicle’s intentions on the road. This device is easy to install and is essential for proper safety protocols while driving with a trailer in tow.
26 STOP Indicator When a severe malfunction occurs, the STOP indicator will illuminate. It is necessary to immediately shut off the engine and determine the cause of the malfunction. The error message in Information Display should be reviewed for more insight into what caused it. A John Deere dealer can be consulted to diagnose the vehicle and provide further assistance if needed.
27 Vehicle Information Display Vehicle Information Displays are equipped to show both high and low information. When in diagnostic mode, the display will indicate the controller’s name, such as an ECU (Engine Control Unit) experiencing a fault. This allows for quick troubleshooting and repairs to be made on vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and safety for all drivers on the road.
28 PTO Icon The PTO Icon Illuminates is a convenient feature that allows the user to identify when PTO speed has been selected quickly. It provides an easy way for operators to confirm settings and can help prevent potential accidents or equipment damage due to incorrect use of the machinery. The illuminated icon ensures that users know the current environment and lets them quickly make necessary alterations without searching through menus or displays.
29 Hour Meter Icon The Hour Meter Icon will illuminate when the engine hours are displayed at 27. This is a helpful feature for monitoring the time spent using an engine and can provide valuable insight into its performance over a certain period.
30 Vehicle Information Display Vehicle Information Display is a versatile and comprehensive system designed to provide vehicle operators with the information necessary for efficient operation. It offers displays that show wheel speed, engine hours, PTO speed, and diagnostic code information in an easy-to-read format, allowing drivers to stay current on their vehicles’ performance data. This sophisticated technology provides real-time updates on all major systems within the car allowing users to monitor its health at any time. Vehicle Information Displays are essential for improving safety and increasing efficiency in day-to-day operations.
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What do the lights on a John Deere tractor mean?

When the red “STOP” light illuminates, an immediate engine shutoff is essential. This indicates a severe malfunction, and any lights 7, 8, 9, or 10 will show the precise issue. Further caution should be taken when the yellow “CAUTION” light flashes, as this warns of active indicator lights 7, 8, 12, 13, or 14.

What does it mean when a warning light comes on your dashboard with an explanation?

When a dashboard warning light appears, it is essential to determine whether the color of the light is red or orange. Red typically indicates a severe problem and requires immediate action from the driver, while an orange alert usually only warrants attention at some point shortly. If a red warning light appears, potential issues may include engine overheating, low oil pressure, or braking system problems that must be addressed immediately.

Why is the oil pressure light flashing on my John Deere?

It is advised to check the oil level, as this is likely the cause of the alert. It could result from leaks from seals or gaskets, or a plugged filter could also cause it. However, something more serious may be at play, such as worn bearings, crankshaft, or oil pump, which should not be overlooked.

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